Experiencing The Beauty Of The Niagara Falls

On my trip to Canada, I was lucky enough to finally visit the legendary Niagara Falls. It was better than I was expecting.


I would recommend getting there for early morning to beat the crowds as it gets very busy. It maybe a tourist destination but, definitely worth seeing and ticking off the bucket list.

The main attraction is the Maid on The Mist. Not called by that name anymore but these two famous boats (one for the American Falls and one for the Canadian Falls) do tours every day. They go right up to the Falls. I wouldn’t suggest doing this if you have motion sickness, it gets quite rough nearer the waterfall part. I skipped this and did another tour called “Behind The Falls”.


Occasionally, you might witness a rainbow. I got really lucky the day I was there!


There are a few other activities to do whilst at Niagara Falls. As well as getting the boats, you can take a zip line across if you’re brave enough, learn about the story of the Niagara Falls in a 4D experience, ride the Skywheel and also take the tunnels and go right behind the falls – which is what I did and can’t recommend it enough.


You get given a poncho (I was also wearing a rain mac) as you get quite wet doing this. The tunnels are quite dark small and damp. In each part as you walk through, it explains some of the crazy stories of some people who were a bit adventurous to the Falls. The water is so loud and violent as you get nearer and nearer. There’s a viewing platform that takes you right to the edge and you get completely drenched! So if you feel like you’re missing out on the boat – don’t! This is the next best thing!



I’m so glad I got to finally experience Niagara Falls. I had been wanting to see it for years. I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t experience everything like the boat, but what I did experience will stay with me. At night time the Falls light up in different colours and it was amazing to watch from my hotel room. Some nights they even have a firework display if you get lucky!

Definitely one of the highlights of my Canadian adventure and a great one to end it on. Have you been to Niagara Falls? Did you love it? 



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