Top Things To Do In Vancouver, BC


I’ve just come back from my third visit to Vancouver. It’s one of my favourite cities in the world and if you ever get the chance to visit take it, you won’t regret it. It’s a city surrounded by nature – two of my favourite things merged together, no wonder I was bound to love it. I’m grateful I’ve visited three times. I thought I would share some of my tips for this beautiful city as I know it pretty well now.

Granville Island


Granville Island is slightly out of the main part of the city but well worth the trip to. I suggest a water taxi to the Island as a taxi is pretty expensive.

You must visit the market they have there. I had amazing Waffles with Maple Syrup for breakfast. If you go early you beat the crowds as its quite a popular place. I love all the little stalls they have inside and the marina is stunning and one of my favourite places to photograph.



Bike Ride Through Stanley Park


I will always remember this experience. It was the best way to see the whole of Stanley Park. On my first visit to Vancouver, I walked it but only saw a tiny portion – it’s huge! Second trip I got a tour bus but, I found they only showed you parts and you can’t really appreciate all its beauty through the windows. I found a bike renting place in the city and it was the best thing ever. You get the bike for around two hours if I remember and, you get to see the whole of Stanley Park. It’s the best way to see it.

Eating Out – Cardero’s

I’ve eaten here each trip because the setting is lovely, right on the Harbour. They have a singer in there playing live music which gives it a great vibe. In winter they have a fire burning. The perfect setting for dinner! Check out the Menu.


Another quick tip I thought I would mention (I didn’t go on this trip but have previously) is Grouse Mountain. It can get quite snowy up there and is down by the waterfront.

I hope this little post has left you with some tips of things to do. Have you ever visited Vancouver before? What where your highlights?


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