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Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Haul


In April I attended Disneyland Paris’s Grand Celebration. Celebrating 25 years of magic it was one of the best days of my life and I may have bought a little bit of merchandise!

Starting off, I am so happy I managed to grab a couple of the 25th Tsum Tsums featuring Tinkerbell. By the end of the week they were going pretty quickly. I’m hoping to make the full set soon!


I got quite a few pins this trip 6 in total mainly featuring the 25th design. Some everyday ones. (Big thanks to my friend David for picking me up the Mickey and Minnie one earlier in the year because they had gone by April!)


This Minnie one caught my eye. She’s in her new Stars On Parade outfit and I love it!


I also managed to pick up the Mrs Potts and Chip pin which I really wanted when the set was released earlier in the year to celebrate the new Beauty and The Beast film. I couldn’t see them anywhere. This Cinderella pin is beautiful. I love the unique design with the little birds and the shoe in the middle.



Along the lines of pins, I was desperate for a new Lanyard. I was lucky to find this 25th Lanyard in Pueblo Trading Post which is mostly open on Saturdays. I regret not getting one of the Dreams ones but I have this to go with the one I got in 2012 for the 20th Anniversary.

I always pick up Mickey shaped biscuits on my trips. I love the Cable Car Bake Shop on Main Street. It has lots of variations but, these are my favourite!



My favourite item that I picked up on this trip has to be my 25th Jumper. Disneyland Paris jumpers are the most softest items of clothing and I’m a big fan of the blue. (I also picked up a 12th April tshirt!).

Lastly, my prize possession – this Grand Celebration programme. My friend Katie had to send me a new one as mine kept getting ruined so I am so grateful to have this!

I am hoping to get the A-Z Guide book that was bought out especially for the 25th to add to my collection to look back on the Celebrations. It was the best Disney trip ever!


If you have visited during the celebrations, what did you pick up to remember them by? Would love to know!

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  1. I love all the merchandise you bought! Hope you don’t mind me asking how much the anniversary lanyard and pins cost, love them so much ?

  2. I have so many grey park jumpers. Think I’ve just added another to my list… Danielle || Miss Danielle

  3. Wow what an amazing haul! I’d love to get my hands on some 25th anniversary merch 😀



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