Attending The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show NBC Studios

Ever wondered what it would be like to attend a talk show in America? I recently got to experience The Tonight Show at the NBC Studios in New York, starring Jimmy Fallon. I am a huge fan of Jimmy and getting tickets to the show had me filled with excitement. I thought I’d share my tips on how you can get to experience the show and come face to face with Jimmy Fallon himself.

How to apply for tickets

Every month Fallon Tickets will tweet out when you can apply for tickets. These usually go quite quickly and will be released in Eastern Standard Time as the show is set in New York City. It’s worth giving them a follow and having notifications on so you won’t miss when they announce their release. It will then take you to a calendar where there will be a few dates to choose from.

Shows are usually filmed on weekdays, and I applied for a Thursday. Select your date and create an 1iota account. This account will show your progress if you are accepted or not and it will say waitlist if you’re approved.

You will get notified if you were successful in getting a ticket two weeks before your date. I was very happy to see congratulations in my email. I was one step closer to seeing one of my heroes in person.


You can also apply for the Monologue rehearsal which is where he announces the weekly news and entertainment. I applied for this too but you can’t go to both recordings in the same day. I would have gone to either but was lucky to get tickets to the main show.

Standby Tickets

Standby tickets will also be allocated. Once everyone is in with the main ticket, the remaining seats will be given to Standby. They have to fill the audience up so there’s always a chance you might not get in if they over fill. It’s worth checking in as early as you can.

Check in

Check in time happens from 3:15. I had heard numerous times on TripAdviser etc on when to turn up. I went at 2pm but got told to come back at 2:45. At 2:45 I was told to come back at 3:15. NBC Studios is situated in the Rockefeller Plaza which has lots of shops and Cafés including the NBC gift shop. I didn’t purchase anything in here this time as I did in his ride Race Through New York in Universal. It’s all the same Merchandise with a few special New York items added in.

NBC Studios New York

At 3:15 you will be escorted up some stairs where you will then be checked in. Make sure you have a Passport ID and your ticket printed to show at the desk. This is vital for your entrance to the show. I also recommend having a little bag rather than a rucksack for security reasons. You’ll then be taken through security and into the famous Peacock Lounge which is replicated in the ride at Universal Studios.

Race Through New York

You get given a card which will vary in colour and on the back of the card there are some letters. These are important and you should always have this card on you. They start calling you up at 4pm by letters. You’ll start to queue up again depending on what letter you are.

Whilst you wait in the Peacock Lounge, staff will come round with iPads to take your photo as you aren’t allowed to take any form of photography. I was quite gutted that you weren’t.

The Tonight Show Peacock Lounge

Finally! It’s time to enter the famous Tonight Show Studio where Jimmy sits with his famous mug (I purchased one in Universal) and sofa where many famous guests have sat. Also that blue curtain is right there in front of you where Jimmy starts the show with his Monologue. Not forgetting the famous band The Roots. They sounded even more amazing live! Getting to hear that base, these guys are incredible. They make you warm up before they start recording by playing old sketches and The Roots play you a song to get you in the spirit. There’s also a presenter who was really funny getting us to answer questions and entertaining us whilst we waited for Jimmy. Then there’s Steve Higgins — Jimmy’s Cohost of The Tonight Show.

Audience Participation

It is quite an immersive experience. When there’s an advert or, when they’re setting up a band for example, Jimmy will come into the audience and answer questions and even high five you — I managed to get a high five and it was the best moment ever! We also had a little indicator to tell us when to applaud. Not that we needed it, Jimmy is hilarious and a down to earth guy. He comes across very natural. He exceeded every expectation I had of seeing him in person and I love him even more after seeing him live.

The guests were great but not ones that I knew of but, that didn’t matter. The energy was incredible and had us all laughing without indicators.

Race Through New York

Now that I’ve experienced the Ride at Universal Studios and the real deal, I can say that the ride queue is very well done  I felt right at home in the NBC Studios after visiting Universal last September and it’s been amazing getting to see both.

Race Through New York Universal Studios

Getting to see an American TV Talk Show in person was a brilliant experience and I’m so pleased I took the chance. I have watched Jimmy Fallon on YouTube, went to his attraction in Orlando and finally getting to see the Show and the man himself has made me very happy.

So. if you’re a fan of Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show and have a trip to New York soon, I highly recommend you apply for tickets for this wonderful show, and you might even get a high five too!

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