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A Day At Animal Kingom – Walt Disney World



Animal Kingdom is by far my favourite park at Walt Disney World. It is truly breathtaking with its vast scenery. You really do feel like you’ve been transported to Africa with it’s Kilimanjaro Safari. You want to keep on exploring and earn your Wilderness Explorer’s badge. Which you can do when you visit Russell of course.

Kilimanjaro Safari

Start your day off with a Safari. Animals like to sleep all day, especially in the heat. I recommend booking a FastPass for 11am even earlier if you can. We didn’t see any Lions however, Cheetah’s, Wildebeest and Giraffe’s were roaming about! If you have motion sickness it can get quite rocky but, it isn’t too bad just hold onto the sides of the truck. If you’re a Lion King fan you wont want to miss this experience.


Tree Of Life


Next, head over to the amazing Tree Of Life. This beautiful tree has many animals carved into it. You can find Tarzan and Turk wondering around this area!

Pandora – The World Of Avatar


This newest edition to Animal Kingdom opened in May of this year. Seeing Pandora for the first time was incredible. Without being a fan of the film Avatar, the land was still awe inspiring and worth a visit. The plants were extraordinary, there was lots of detail to make them other-worldly. Even at nighttime they glow in the dark. You need a full extra day just to explore Pandora to take it all in.




The structures were breathtaking. Disney have really out done themselves with this new immersive land. The best part is, even if you don’t know much of the world of Avatar, it is beautiful in its own right. Not only do the plants glow in the dark everything does, including the ground. You can also get glow in the dark cocktails. 

The Na’vi River Journey ride was outstanding and something everyone can go on. The Flight Of Passage is a simulator ride, and not one for the faint hearted. This was perfect for those who can’t experience those sorts of rides. It was as slow as Small World and definitely not one to miss. 


Make sure you pop into the gift shop where you can buy yourself a Banshee.


Festival Of The Lion King


You can’t go to Animal Kingdom for the day and not see this fantastic show The Festival of The Lion King. You don’t even have to be a huge fan of The Lion King to enjoy it. You don’t want to miss it. It’s shown several times a day. This interactive show will have you singing and clapping along to the songs. Will you be in the Lion section? Or perhaps the Warthog section? It tells the story in a unique way.


Tusker House Character Dining



This is a great dining experience. Tusker House is a buffet filled with African flavours. If however, you are a fussy eater, always ask the waiter to cater for you. Highly recommended for the characters, meet Mickey, Daisy, Donald and Goofy in their Safari outfits to complete your evening at Animal Kingdom.


Character Meets

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you can meet lots of characters. You can meet Pocahontas, Tarzan, Turk, Flick and Russell from Pixar’s Up. They are all really fun meets so make sure you pick up a park guide so you don’t miss their time slots! Also you can head over to Rafiki’s Planet Watch where you can meet Rafiki too.





Rivers Of Light


Rivers Of Light is the newly anticipated nighttime experience at Animal Kingdom Park. You can get a reservation for seats when booking Tusker House as it gets quite popular. It is worth seeing once so make sure you get a reservation for this beautiful show to end your day at the park.


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