Bon Voyage Breakfast – Walt Disney World

Looking for a fun and interactive meal for your next Walt Disney World holiday? I can’t recommend The Bon Voyage Breakfast enough.

On my fourth morning we went to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort which, is stunning in itself and worth a look around. One day I’ll have to stay here! We had a reservation booked with our dining plan and headed to our table where our friendly waitress greeted us. The menu has lots of choices, I went for the Rapunzel Pancakes topped with Maple Syrup of course and I asked for my drink to come with a light up Pascal!


The character interactions were incredible so much energy for that time of the morning. Best way to wake up EVER! Eric, Ariel, Flynn and Rapunzel such a great combination. They start by introducing them to the whole restaurant and they even do a little parade around with everyone to their songs. I teared up at one point as it was adorable. They then come to your table and play games like tag with a fork who knew right?!


I was really impressed with this character meal, probably the best one I’ve done yet!


There was lots to choose from for breakfast, I hope one day I get to go back and try more of it. The Tower of Pancakes were delicious. The pastries were served in a cute frying pan too!




Prince Eric was my last Prince to meet and he was lovely.


Ariel was also very bubbly and fun and it made the morning so magical!

I’d definitely do this meal again. I’ll have fond memories with my friends from this experience. Definitely worth the money and booking a reservation for you don’t want to miss out.

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