Café des Cascadeurs Restaurant Review – Disneyland Paris

Café des Cascadeurs Disneyland Paris

Café des Cascadeurs is the place to have food at the moment in the Walt Disney Studios Park. This trendy American Diner is from the 1950’s and gives you that authentic dining experience.

Café des Cascadeurs Disneyland Paris

I have always wanted to eat here but, as a fussy eater, I wasn’t sold on the menu. However, I learnt that there were things that I could eat like Chicken Burgers and Fries. If like me you like things to be very plain, you can ask them to make the Burger with no salad or sauces. It also comes on the side so you can pick and choose and make your Burger exactly how you like it. They also have a Vegetarian option too.

Café des Cascadeurs Menu Disneyland Paris

I do feel they could have so much more on the menu such as Hot Dogs and maybe some Milkshakes. I did enjoy my Chicken Burger and fries. We didn’t have to wait long for our food either and very impressed with the quick service.

Café des Cascadeurs Disneyland Paris Food

The theming is great as I learnt that this was an actual diner used in the 1950’s and was shipped over to be used in Disneyland Paris back in 1992. The Jukebox inside is a nice touch too. I always forget its here as it’s in the Backlot but, it is nice and quiet and the perfect place to have lunch after a few rides in the park. It didn’t take long to be seated at all.

The best thing for me about choosing this place as a fussy eater is that, I could see my food being cooked in front of me so I knew what to expect. Also having a good look at the menu beforehand helped too.

Café des Cascadeurs Disneyland Paris

This place is definitely somewhere very different to eat at. I highly recommend trying it out on your next trip.

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