Pirates and Princess Festival Disneyland Paris

Choose Your Inner Power in The Festival Of Pirates and Princesses – Disneyland Paris

Get ready to choose your side – are you Team Princess or Team Pirates?! You decide!

Disneyland Paris’s new Festival of Pirates and Princesses has blown us all away and has left us hooked (pun intended). It started on March 31st and runs through until May 31st. I managed to see this new season on opening weekend and it put on a spectacle of a show.

An immersive pagent has debuted at Disneyland Paris for the Spring season and has definitely made an impression to all ages. Featuring your favourite Pirates and Princesses, this has something for everyone to enjoy. Your left wanting more and by the end of the day and you have that Pirate and Princess Power dance memorised as you join hosts Betty Rose and Jimmy Ocean on stage as they decide which team is best.

Pirates and Princess Festival Jimmy Ocean

Shown four times a day, you can watch it from Castle Stage, Central Plaza and Main Street. I think the buzz is really energetic on Central Plaza as you have the two sides competing against each other for the best team. The music is amazing and really adds to the atmosphere and everyone joins in with the dancing. It’s great to see everyone participating in such a new event and it’s really refreshing that everyone makes an effort. You also get great interaction from the characters as they’re full of energy.


Team Princess or Team Pirates Moana

Team Princess or Team Pirates Rapunzel

Team Pirates and Princesses Cinderella

Team Princess or Team Pirates Merida

New Outfits

Team Pirate and Team Princess have new outfits for the occasion and they are beautiful in detail. At first they received mixed reviews but, seeing them in person won me over. After this season ends it’ll be sad to see the new Princess dresses go. I hope they return after it finishes as they are incredible up close.

Team Princess or Team Pirates Cinderella Outfit

Festival Floats

The parade floats were a bit mismatched but in someway, they all tie in and work well together. Featuring a new float for the Princesses, Stars n Cars float and Magic On Parade’s Pirate ship which got given a colourful revamp, at first sight you would think it wouldn’t work but in true Disneyland Paris style this parade works in perfect harmony. The new float also has stunning detail and works well with the theming.

Team Princess or Team Pirates Parade Float

Team Princess or Team Pirates Ariel

Team Princess or Team Pirates Peter and Wendy

Final Thoughts

Pirates and Princesses really does work well as a whole and, I’m glad I gave it a chance. There are a few things that I would like to see a bit more of such as merchandise and character meets rather than just the average ones. Like we had Russel and Rapunzel for Swing into Spring for example. It would have been a nice touch to have Mickey and Minnie in their outfits. I’m glad that there are some special themed treats available.

Team Princess or Team Pirates Mickey Mouse

The Princess Promenade was a bit random for me also Hoist The Flag Mateys – this was something I was looking forward to as it features my favourite Pirate Jack Sparrow however, this was aimed at a much younger audience in mind and it was in such a small space by the Pirate ship it didn’t work too well. I did enjoy the live music, although a show that was fully interactive on the ship itself was what I was expecting to see.

This season has really impressed me and I’m glad I had the chance to witness it and the song hasn’t left my head since. If you have an upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris soon you’ll love this new addition.

Team Princess or Team Pirates Rapunzel

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