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Café des Cascadeurs Restaurant Review – Disneyland Paris

Café des Cascadeurs is the place to have food at the moment in the Walt Disney Studios Park. This trendy American Diner is from the 1950’s and gives you that authentic dining experience. Café des Cascadeurs Disneyland Paris I have always wanted to eat here but, as a fussy eater, I wasn’t sold on the …

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Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party Classic Package

Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party, the biggest event of the year finally happened. It was full of heightened emotions, both up and down. Here’s my take on the most anticipated party with a Classic Package. Classic Package When the packages were released in January, there was no mention on a release of standalone tickets. If this …

Marvel Summer Of Superheroes Disney Store Oxford Street
25th Anniversary, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Paris - Entertainment Reviews

Will The Success of Infinity War Be a Marvellous Hit For Disneyland Paris?

The latest film in the Marvel universe is the big hit Avengers Infinity War which, has reached $1.65 billion in the Box Office. With a new Season announced earlier this year called Marvel Summer of Superheroes, will this blockbuster be a marvellous success for Disneyland Paris too? Marvel Summer of Superheroes  Starting on the 10th June, your …

25th Anniversary Disneyland Paris
25th Anniversary, Disney, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Paris - Entertainment Reviews

7 New Things I’ve Tried At Disneyland Paris

Inspired by my friend Katie’s Vlog series of her trying new things in Walt Disney World, I thought I would write down 7 new things I did on my last trip to Disneyland Paris. Being an Annual Pass Holder and going so regularly, it’s nice to keep finding new things to do each time and …

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Disneyland Paris Hotel New York – Review

Hotel New York Last month I finally got to stay in Disney’s Hotel New York. My last one onsite before the Disneyland Hotel. It was my first time staying here and I was very impressed. It is going into refurbishment at the end of the year to a Marvel Themed hotel. I will be sad …