A Month Today Until It’s Time To Sparkle – Disneyland Paris

Sleeping Beauty's Castle DLP

Sleeping Beauty's Castle DLPI can’t believe there is only a month to go until I am at Disneyland Paris to celebrate the park’s 25th Anniversary. It’s nearly time to sparkle!

I am so excited to be going for four whole days. With all the new shows and entertainment, it will be a jam packed week. I am most excited for the 12th especially as it marks a very special day, 6am start with a 11pm finish – I’m expecting lots of surprises!

I can’t wait to see the new parade, Princess show, the return of Mickey and The Magician and the new nighttime spectacular Disney Illuminations. I was so happy to see The Lion Kings return, if its anything like Shanghai’s scene featuring Circle of Life, you can expect a lot of tears from me.

I am also excited to see the Princesses new dresses. Cinderella’s is by far my favourite from the new designs. I also really like Aurora’s. They have really gone all out with the merchandise this year. I have been trying not to spend too much so I can grab all the special 25th pins. I’m hoping like they did with Dreams, they will release some for Illuminations and part of that collection I am hoping there will be a Lion King one.

Are you going to the celebrations? If so will you be there on the 12th queuing at 6am to get in the parks on this special day? Let me know and I’ll see you there!

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