Capturing The Magic At Disneyland Paris

I took a last minute trip to Disneyland Paris this month. It was great to get some photographs taken as I haven’t picked up my camera in a while. Whilst it was cold, Disneyland was still magical and it was good to see the Frontierland landscape again with Big Thunder Mountain running, and The Molly Brown back. Not that I go on those. Every trip I always say to do The Molly Brown but never get round to it.

I wasn’t there for long, but I’m glad I snapped away as much as I could. In April I am there for longer for the 25th celebrations and I can’t wait to take photos of all the sparkling decorations. It’s nice to not see so many green fences about and it makes my camera happy.

Do you have a favourite part of Disneyland that you like to take photographs of? I think mine has to be Fantasyland with all of it’s little details and spotting a few Prince’s and Princesses.

Snow White - Stepherella

Princess Aurora - Stepherella

Auberge De Cendrillon - Stepherella

Big Thunder Mountain - Stepherella

Big Thunder Mountain - Stepherella

Sleeping Beauty's Castle - Stepherella

Magic On Parade - Stepherella

Big Thunder Mountain in the snow - Stepherella


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January 30, 2017


  • Kate

    Wonderful post! Loved the photographs too 🙂


    • Stepherella90

      Thank you very much! : ) Steph

  • Paula Fegan

    Looks great Steph! Best of luck going forward ? Paula xx

    • Stepherella90

      Thank you so much Paula! That means a lot : ) Steph

  • Party of Two

    Love the images, very nice!!! We’ve not been to DLP yet!!

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