Alton Towers Scarefest

First Time Visit to Alton Tower’s Resort for Scarefest

Back in the Summer, I decided to invest in a Merlin Annual Pass to visit more of the UK theme parks. It has been one of the best purchases I’ve made. Having recently been back to Chessington, Thorpe Park, and Legoland, last weekend was my first visit to Alton Towers Resort. I was very impressed with their offerings.

Since buying the pass this year, I’ve gotten over my fear of Rollercoasters. I started on Vampire at Chessington, which then made me eager to visit Alton Towers and get on some of the bigger rides. I have always wanted to experience Scarefest during the Halloween season and have heard that the Mazes were an excellent experience. I thought they would be too scary for me, but they did not disappoint. 

Staying in the Enchanted Village

We decided to stay in the Enchanted Village, which is one of the Resort’s many Hotels. Being in the middle of nowhere was beautiful in the Autumn season. The grounds surrounding the lodges were stunning. It was like staying in a little Fairy Cottage. The room had a double bed and a separate room with bunk beds. The bathroom was lovely as well and came with everything you needed. They also provided a kettle with a goodie bag to make drinks, which was a nice touch. In the Enchanted Village, you could also stay in a Stargazing Pod or a Treehouse which, included Hot Tubs too.

Alton Towers Scarefest

Upon arrival at your hotel, you will be temperature checked in your car. You will receive a wrist band for them to check that you have had your temperature taken throughout your stay. The breakfast included was great too, and the restaurant was just by the reception. There is room service for the rooms as well, which was great after a long first day in the park. The walk to the park is about 25 minutes. I would think about what case to bring as the lockers in the park aren’t very big in size. The rooms become available from 3pm too. The nearest gate from the Enchanted Village to the park is the Galactica entrance. It was a shame that the Monorail wasn’t running, but the walk to the park wasn’t too bad. Once you’re in the resort, the Skyliner transportation is a wonderful way to travel with its fabulous views.


Halloween is my favourite time of year. I’m so glad we visited Alton Towers for the first time whilst Scarefest was on. It was so much fun! We did all of the Mazes too. A list of the Mazes on offer this year are:

Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard

Darkest Depths

The Attic Terror of The Towers

Altonville Mine Tours

Alton Towers Scarefest

I think my favourite Maze was The Attic. The theming was fantastic as you went around the towers. It was such a great experience, especially at dusk. The Ghost effects and the lighting on the Castle were brilliant as well. I also really liked the Darkest Depths which, reminded me of Pirates of The Caribbean! I found the Toxic Junkyard one to be the most intense as the Clowns had Chainsaws. But it was still a great Maze to experience.

The actors are not allowed to touch you this year due to COVID-19 safety measures. However, this experience was still fantastic and so well themed. I’m so pleased I managed them too! It was very spooky. The safety measures in place were excellent.

Alton Dungeon’s

Having visited London’s Dungeon’s a couple of times, we decided to book Alton’s version. It’s a great addition to the park, where it felt a bit short, it was still a great spooky experience. It was still interactive with the restrictions in place too. The actors were superb and still make it an enjoyable time.

Rollercoaster Restaurant

One of the most popular Restaurants at Alton Towers is The Rollercoaster Restaurant. It is so unique as you watch your food get delivered on a track to your table. It is located in Forbbiden Valley and you do not need a reservation for lunchtime. However, there may be a bit of a queue. It is worth the wait. Once inside, you will be given a tablet to order your food, and once it arrives, it’ll come down on the track. Your dish may even do a loop de loop! The variety of food and drink they had available was excellent with lots of options to choose from. They even had themed cocktails to the rides! The bright neon lights were amazing and it was a nice atmosphere.

Alton Towers Scarefest Alton Towers Scarefest

Alton Towers Rides

Having recently overcome a few Rollercoaster fears, it was time to try Rita, Th13een, and Wicker Man. For Scarefest, they offer an opportunity to ride them in the dark. We decided to save Wicker Man for last. It was very cool to see it lit up at night time. Next time I visit Alton Towers, I hope to be able to go on Galactica and Nemesis. I’m so pleased I’m overcoming so many fears at theme parks. The whole Alton Towers experience was amazing and it was such a fun weekend. I would highly recommend the Enchanted Village for the winter as it felt very cosy. I hope to stay in Splash Landings one trip too.

Alton Towers Scarefest

Alton Towers Resort really took me by surprise. I was so impressed with everything and it is so beautiful. I cannot wait to go back one day soon and really think it is worth investing in an Annual Pass. I think Scarefest will be a yearly visit from now on.


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