Disney Loves Jazz

6 New Things To Experience On My Next Disney Trip

The 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris is coming to an end in September. It has been a great year to experience new things in the parks. That won’t stop once the celebrations are over. I will be attending the Disney Loves Jazz event and a lot of exciting new things are happening that weekend.

  • Disney Loves Jazz
  • Start of Halloween
  • Start of Mickeys 90th Birthday
  • Rendez Vous Gourmand Food Festival
  • Philharmagic Debuts 
  • End of Marvel Summer of Super Heroes

Disney Loves Jazz

With the recent success of Mickey’s Big Band, I think this evening is already set out to be a big hit. I really enjoyed the show last November and, I can’t wait to experience a whole Jazzy evening.

Some acts have been announced for the lineup such as:

  • China Moses 
  • Hugh Coltman 
  • Myles Sanko 
  • Robin McKelle 
  • Ben l’Oncle Soul

and the most recent announcement this week being Selah Sue, who is quite popular in France. I instantly bought my Premium Ticket as this event is likely to sell out. The Premium ticket also gets you into the main concert which is going to be held in Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular round by the Backlot of Walt Disney Studios. This will be interesting to see here and I believe there will be a fantastic atmosphere at this one of a kind show.

Mickeys Big Band Disneyland Paris


Halloween is my favourite season at Disneyland Paris. I haven’t been since 2016 as I decided to experience Christmas for the first time last year instead. With the 25th Anniversary, there wasn’t much to do for this season which, was a little disappointing. However, I have a feeling this year will be magical and extra spooky and I can’t wait for the new floats and offerings.

Halloween Disneyland Paris

Mickey’s 90th Birthday

The main Mouse is turning 90 this year. It is a big celebration for Mickey and Disney Parks all over the world will be celebrating. Last year, my Christmas trip fell on his Birthday on the 17-18th November. There wasn’t much on to commemorate the day except a Birthday cake in the Bake Shop and a Sticker. This year Disneyland Paris is going all out and the celebrations start on October 1st, which luckily I will still be there to experience.

Mickeys Birthday Cake Disneyland Paris

Rendez Vous Gourmand Food Festival

Back for another year, the Rendez Vous Gourmand Food Festival is running from July 27th to September 30th which is longer than its run in 2017. This will be open during the evening of the Jazz Soirée, and I am so pleased I get to experience this. Having done Food & Wine in Walt Disney World and not trying much food there, I will make more of an effort to as a fussy eater in Paris. They have announced new stalls such as Belgium, Spain and Italy and I am already excited for the crêpes.

Food and Wine Festival Epcot Passport

Philharmagic Debuts 

Disneyland Paris recently announced that Walt Disney World’s Philharmagic will be coming to Discoveryland Theatre. Having been to Disney World a few times, this has always been a show I’ve missed. I am pleased I get to finally see it.

Marvel Summer of Super Heroes

Last but not least, Marvel Summer of Super Heroes will be coming to an end. I didn’t get to see too much on my last trip except Super Heroes United using the MasterCard seats. I believe there were some elements missing from our performance so, I cannot wait to see this show again. Also needing to see the Guardians Dance-off and the Stark Expo, I have a lot to see on the 30th of September on its final day. I also can’t wait to finally try the Groot Cookies! The Marvel Meal in Hotel New York was fantastic and, you can read about my review here.

Super Heroes United

My next trip might be a longer wait than normal but, it will be worth it. I can’t wait to share these new experiences with you. It is a very exciting to be a Disneyland Paris fan right now.

29th September – 2nd October

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  • Jess

    I can’t believe I haven’t got to see any of the 25th anniversary celebrations I’m absolutely gutted but on the plus side I’ll be there in December so I get to see all the things they’re doing for Mickey’s 90th birthday and they seem to be putting on loads of extra things so I’m super excited! I hope you enjoy your next trip lovely, those Groot cookies look yummy and I’d love to be able to experience Halloween in the parks one day too!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

    • Stepherella

      The 25th has been fun but ready to experience something new now! I think Mickey’s Birthday will be fab! You’ll absolutely love December! Christmas is so magical and I can’t wait to see your updates! Thank you so much! I never got round to trying Groot Cookies so I hope to on my next trip 🙂 Halloween is another great season and I can’t wait to go back for it this year! I hope you get to experience it one year too xx

  • Mark

    I’m gutted that I have to miss Halloween as i’ve never managed to see a Disney one yet.
    Interested to see what Mickey’s 90th entails at DLP as i’ll be able to compare it against WDW.
    I’d be interested to see if you have the same opinion as a lot of others on the Marvel Summer (in that the food is the best part). I enjoyed Super Heroes United but i wouldn’t watch it again, unless there was no queue maybe, 40 min wait even with Mastercard reservations is a long time out of the day. I went on opening day so i presume I did have all the effects(?) The car and the drones just felt cheap and dampened the show really. I enjoyed the projections around the sides and the way they used the space though. It would also have been nice if they offered full alternating languages for shows rather than mixing french and english depending on characters.

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