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shopDisney Replacing Disney Store Online In The UK



The UK Disney Store website is finally changing to shopDisney. In the United States, the Disney Store also uses shopDisney, and to see this change in the UK is fantastic news for fans.

shopDisney Replacing Disney Store Online In The UK

If you shop online frequently, you’ll notice the American site is quite different from the UK one. When looking for exclusive Park merchandise, the US site or eBay has been the only way. It is a lot of money with import charges going through this route and hopefully, one day with this synergy will include American Park merchandise and will make its way over to shopDisney.co.uk

I miss the special Pin releases the Disney Store would have each month. The only item they seem to be pushing currently is the Mickey Memory Plushes which, are extremely hard to buy if you’re not on the site just before 8 am or at a local Store. There isn’t a lot of collectable items for fans in the UK.

Disneyland Paris Merch

A few years ago, the Disney Store UK website had a section with hundreds of Disneyland Paris merchandise. Here is where you could buy autograph books and ears just before your Disneyland Paris vacation. Didn’t manage to pick up an item that was only sold in the Parks? Well, you used to be able to get everything online after your visit. Recently, the tab to shop for these products hasn’t been available. Less and fewer items to do with Disneyland Paris have been taken down and harder to buy which, is a shame. I have only noticed some Arribas Glass Figures and a few 25th Anniversary items which, aren’t the traditional go-to items for hardcore fans. We are also seeing the 25th Anniversary come to an end and most items are already phased out in the Park.

Disneyland Paris Minnie Ears

I have read that there will be a selection of 500 products from Disneyland Paris which, will include Minnie Ears and an exclusive Disneyland Paris range. There will also be lots of Marvel and Star Wars items too. This is very exciting to hear and I cannot wait to see more Minnie Ears available to purchase. The most recent being the popular Rose Gold ones, they are hard to get to the parks. They sell out quite quickly as Rose Gold is very on trend. If you can’t get them in the parks it’s down to getting them on eBay or having someone pick them up for you. Having this other option will be really handy to have.

Disney FanDaze Ears Merch

US Disney Parks

The US Disney Parks have used shopDisney for a long time. The amount of merchandise they have on there is overwhelming (in a good way). There is so much to choose from, especially if you have a favourite character and want to collect specific items. There’s a great function where you can search for Cinderella, for example, all items related to that character will show up in a filter (and there are lots to choose from).

They also have a great range of Pins, Minnie Ears and Ear Hats which are very popular for fans to collect and wear to the Parks and, Pins are great for trading. Also the recently popular Spirit Jerseys, I would love to see an exclusive Disneyland Paris range. To see this evolution of merch on the UK site will please us fans.

Disneyland Paris Shops

It would be great to see a range of items from Harrington’s which, is a favourite for fans to collect items from such as Pins, artwork and statues. It is also a personal favourite of mine and I am always finding unique items to collect. My most recent being an unusual Donald Donald Duck mug. It is refreshing to see items like this to buy. Lots of items are quite generic so I like to look for things that are a little different. It would be great to see these kinds of items appear on shopDisney in the future.

Donald Duck Merch

What do you think about this new change to our Disney Store website? Do you think it will be an improvement? Are there any items of merchandise you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments. 

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