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Disney’s The Lion King & Aladdin Feature in a Pop Up Experience This Summer

Disney Pop Up London Rafiki

Disney Pop Up London Rafiki

Disney’s The Lion King and Aladdin have arrived in Covent Garden in a new experience this Summer. If you’re in the area, it is worth popping along to.

Disney In The West End

Running from Tuesday 31st July until Sunday 26th August, there are lots of different things on each week to showcase these two incredible long-running Musicals. On weekdays, there are live performances from the actors and autograph signings. If you didn’t manage to wait at the stage door to meet your favourite West End stars, then this is your chance to get a programme signed. I’m hoping to see a performance from each Musical but the timings are quite difficult which, is a downfall. I would have hoped these would be on weekends too.


Earlier in the year, I reviewed the show Aladdin which, included a special interview with the incredible Trevor Dion Nicolas. He plays the amazing Genie. After seeing all the fabulous costumes on stage, I was eager to see these up close in person as they sparkle so much during the show. Finally being able to see the detail at this pop up was a fantastic opportunity. The costumes on Display are currently Jasmine’s and Aladdin’s Wedding outfits.

Disney In The West End Pop Up

The Aladdin section of the shop is quite immersive. You can have your photo taken with the Lamp in a fun photo booth which, makes a great memory – and for free too!

Disney In The West End Pop Up

The Lion King

The Lion King had a lot more to offer on display. With characters such as Rafiki, Mufasa, and Zazu. They also had a few of the beautiful iconic Masks that the Actors wear. I have a few of these as collectible figures and, it was amazing to see them up close in their real size.

There was a little bit of information on the Masks and how Julie Taymor bought them to life.

Disney In The West End Pop Up

Disney In The West End Pop Up



11am, 3pm & 5pm: Introduction to the costumes, masks and puppets on display.


11am & 3pm: Introduction to the costumes, masks and puppets on display.

There are only two weeks left to experience this unique pop up. You can view the full schedule of performances including Weekdays here.


In the shop, there are lots of cards to pick up, and one of them features a fantastic opportunity to win a prize. All you have to do is find all the magical Lamps around the area on the map. It is a nice little activity.

There is also a presentation by MAC showing how they do the Actors makeup. They demonstrate how to do Rafiki’s for the show which, would be an interesting one to see.

Disney In The West End Pop Up

Overall I think this is a fun experience if passing by. There’s not a lot to offer during the Weekends but, the staff are really friendly and will give you facts about each show. I do wish there were more presentations on Saturdays and Sundays as most of them are during the week which can be quite difficult. However, it was great to wander into and I loved seeing everything up close. Any Theatre and Disney fan would appreciate popping in.

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