Disney PhotoPass Day 2018 A Guide

Disney PhotoPass Day Guide

Disney PhotoPass Day has proven to be a huge success. It features character encounters that you do not get every day and unique photo opportunities using Magic Shots; PhotoPass day is returning for the second time at resorts including Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris.

Disney PhotoPass Day

When is it: This annual event will take place again on Sunday the 19th of August.

Disneyland Paris

Over in Disneyland Paris, Photographers will be handing out special props on the day including Mickey and Minnie plushes. If you snapped a photo with an official Photographer, you will receive a nice sticker as a memento like the previous year did which is a nice touch.


During last years PhotoPass Day, Ping (Mulan) was out to meet guests. It made a fanatic opportunity to meet this rare character. There were a few others that aren’t out on the daily too such as:

Gaston and Belle

Update: Oswald and Ortensia met fans for the second time this year after DisneyFanDaze in Disneyland Paris during PhotoPass Day.


There are several different locations throughout both Parks on the day. These places include:

Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost
Walt Disney Studios
Fantasia Gardens
The Disneyland Hotel
Partners Statue
Place de Rémy
Front Lot & more

Getting PhotoPass Day at Disneyland Paris is very exciting. I feel they could improve the service by having more locations such as Fantasia Gardens and Main Street 365 days of the year, as these are where guests usually go to first to take photos at. Hopefully, this will improve in the future as the passes themselves are quite expensive.

Walt Disney World

In Walt Disney World, there are loads of opportunities for PhotoPass day including, Magic Shots. These are a great addition when looking back at holiday photos to see some extra magic added to your photos and they make a nice memory.


Pinocchio and Geppetto
Evil Queen
Baloo and King Louie
Princess Atta and Flik
Timon and Rafiki
Genie and Jasmine
Mushu and Mulan
Dopey and Snow White
Captain Hook and Peter Pan


Magic Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
Animal Kingdom

Disneyland Resort


Joy and Sadness
Doctor Strange or Loki
Hook and Mr. Smee


Disneyland Park
California Adventure

In addition to character meets, Disneyland Resort also has Magic Shot photo opportunities which are included in several places in both Parks.

For Disney Park photography tips check out this useful guide.

*These are all meets and experiences based off last year. They could all change at anytime and new ones added or replaced*.

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