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Aladdin – A Shining Shimmering Splendour In London’s West End

Aladdin is London’s newest addition to the West End. It opened in the Summer of 2016, and is currently playing in Soho’s Prince Edward Theatre. A whole new world for Matthew Croke as he landed the role of Aladdin in London’s West End. Starting from June 2017, he joined alongside Stars Trevor Dion Nicolas and Jade Ewen as beloved characters Genie and Jasmine. Other characters include The Sultan, Iago and the evil Jafar. You do not want to miss this spectacular show. 

Aladdin London Johan Persson Jade Ewen
Photography by Johan Persson

Flying carpets, thieves and wishes did you say? This show is full of surprises and every body sings! Featuring favourites from the hit Disney classic such as A Whole New World, One Jump Ahead and not forgetting the show stopping Friend Like Me. Trevor Dion Nicolas, who plays the famous Genie, puts his own spin on the hit sung by Robin Williams. He adds a few surprises which, leaves you in awe. The ensemble are incredible so many great dancers on the stage really add to the spirit of the show. 

Along with the films classics, they created some new songs for the show that fit in perfectly. A Million Miles Away sung by Jasmine and Aladdin, These Palace Walls giving us more depth to Jasmine’s character and not forgetting, Proud Of Your Boy which gives us a little back story to Aladdin’s family and adds an emotional addition to the show. 

The sets were incredible and really transported you to the Arabian Dessert. Each scene change was really clever. The  way the characters interacted with the sets made it come to life. The scene that blows everyone away is A Whole New World with a flying carpet, you sit there thinking how do they do it? Magic! The costume designs are stunning. They use Swarovski Crystals which definitely adds sparkle to the show.

I was lucky enough to interview the amazing Genie himself Trevor Dion Nicolas about the show and his character.

Aladdin London Johan Persson Trevor Dion Nicolas
Photography by Johan Persson

When the casting of Aladdin was changed, what were your first thoughts? Did you have to relearn parts and switch things up from when Dean John Wilson played the role?

The addition of Matthew Croke was welcomed with excitement and great anticipation of new possibilities, just as with any new cast members coming into the show. Theatre is not like film or television where once it’s set it will stay the same forever, so each night is an individually evolving experience. Things adjust daily, let alone between cast changes, and that is where a lot of the excitement and joy comes from.

What was your reaction when you got the part of the Genie?  Was there a lot of pressure to live up to Robin Williams’s legacy?

Excitement mixed with happy nerves! Of course there’s expectation built around the legacy that Robin Williams left behind, but luckily our creative team didn’t expect me to emulate or copy anything from that iconic performance from the film. I was allowed and encouraged to cut my own path with the character and filter as much of myself through it as Robin did with himself.

What do you find different about Broadway and the West End?

Different pathways with similar experiences. Both have as strong sense of community and/or family within the industry. Both have people performing at the top of their craft. The differences are difficult to pinpoint outside of the clear geographical ones and the length in rehearsal processes.

Do you have a favourite show? Do you learn from seeing other performances?

My all time favorite show is Little Shop of Horrors. We can and should always be learning from seeing others on stage or from the people on stage with us. The education process in any field shouldn’t end after school is finished, there is always more to learn and always more to achieve.

The show is full of so much creativity and wonder I highly recommend that you see this spectacular and get transported to Agrabah. You can book tickets via London Box Office.

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Thank you so much to Trevor for answering my questions. Please follow him on Twitter!


Also thank you to London Box Office for this opportunity.

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  • CastMember21

    Great post! I got to see Aladdin when it was in my home city and it definitely is in my Top 3 Best Disney Broadway Performances. The sets were fantastic, my favorite being for “You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me.”

    How ever did you get the chance to interview Trevor Dion Nicolas? That was a great added piece to this!

  • Jess

    This was such a great post, I love how you included an interview with the Genie! I’ve wanted to see this show since it started but haven’t got round to going yet! I absolutely adore Lion King the musical so I’m hoping Aladdin lives up to my expectations!

    Jess xx

    • Stepherella

      Thank you so much lovely! I was so excited to interview him he is so lovely and genuine.
      If you love the Lion King like me you’ll love Aladdin even more and I hope you can get tickets to it soon!

      Steph x

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