Summer of Disney Plus Event

Summer Of Disney Plus Event in London

This summer there are lots of things to watch on Disney Plus. Travel from the Italian Riviera to the fantasy world of Kumandra with Luca and Raya and The Last Dragon. There’s lots to keep you entertained, with Miss Minutes in Loki and the fantastic Jazz music in Pixar’s Soul. Last week  I was invited by Disney Plus to attend their Summer Of Disney Plus event at Pargola’s in Paddington. It was such a fun evening with lots of photo opportunities and activities. There was also an amazing choir group singing live songs, and a pianist performing the score from Disney Pixar’s Soul.


Soul is set in the forever buzzing New York City. Featuring the story of Joe who has a dream of playing Jazz. But things take a turn and he ends up in the Great Before. Go on a journey of life whilst listening to incredible Jazz music in the swanky Big Apple.


The latest instalment from the Marvel Universe is this fantastic series, Loki. After WandaVision and Falcon and Winter Soldier, this funny lighthearted series starring the God of Mischief is witty and keeps you wanting more. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is a beloved character and it is great to see him continue in his own spinoff as everyone’s favourite Marvel Villain.

Summer of Disney Loki

Raya and The Last Dragon

Journey to Kumandra this summer with Raya, in this popular Disney Plus feature film Raya and The Last Dragon. Made by Walt Disney Animation, with stunning and beautiful landscapes and mythical creatures, this is a brilliant story for the family to watch.

Summer of Disney Plus


Luca is a fun heartwarming story about a boy who lives in the Italian Riviera. Filled with lots of adventures, spaghetti and a big secret! This film is a great watch this summer. You’ll be wanting to ride on a Vespa and eat ice cream afterwards.

Summer of Disney Plus
There were fun Disney quizzes throughout the evening, including Marvel and Pixar. Also some fantastic themed games which, I needed a bit more practice!

Thank you again Disney Plus for inviting me along to your Summer of Disney Plus event. It was a truly wonderful evening with great atmosphere, amazing food and talent.

Be sure to check out these amazing features on Disney Plus this summer.

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