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New Flying Theatre, Flight Of The Sky Lion Soars To Success in Legoland

A brand new land has recently opened at Legoland in Windsor, called Mythica. It comes complete with new rides, with its main attraction being the Flight of The Sky Lion, a flying theatre. Flying theatres are very popular attractions, and I was eager to ride it last week.

Flying Theatre

The theming was wonderful with vibrant colours. It was especially excellent in the queuing area. There were lots of fantastic lego figures on display. Including the giant of the mythical creatures. Also, the use of Augmented Reality on mobile devices, was a great addition to keep visitors entertained. It is a really immersive new land and very impressive.

It was exciting to hear that a similar ride system to EPCOT’s Soarin’ was coming to the UK. Having this type of attraction a bit closer to home is fantastic, and very promising for future attractions in the UK.

Flight of The Sky Lion

The boarding area does make it feel like you’re about to take flight. You are given a number to stand on, which then takes you to your assigned seat. This is also handy for leaving your bag in the compartment too. It starts to swing backwards and up you go.

The smells are really strong, and the landscapes are incredible. Especially with all the smoke and effects. You really do feel transported into this whimsical world. One thing that I would like to see is some themed merchandise for this attraction. Overall, this new ride experience has been well received and will be great for Legoland.

Flight of The Sky Lion is a fantastic addition to join the list of flying theatres. The attraction list that I wrote a couple of months ago, is continuing to expand with log fumes and drop rides. I am very pleased I can ride this latest attraction.

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