Celebrating The Anniversary Of Cinderella, 1950

Today is the 67th Anniversary of my favourite Princess, Cinderella.

Since its release on February 15th 1950, it has been remade into a stunning live action film (2015). Starring Lily James and Helena Bonham Carter. I fell in love with the new remake. The Oxford Street Disney Store in London has had the golden carriage (which you can sit in) from the live action film since 2015. I’m so pleased it is still there. I alway have to pay it a visit. As much as I love her old one, I adore the stunning new dress and glass slipper which, I got to wear in Disneyland Paris last Halloween.

Cinderella CarriageCinderella 2015 Stepherella Halloween

Cinderella found around Disneyland Paris

Tremaine Sisters Cinderella

I love the Cinderella references found around Disneyland Paris. All it’s missing is a ride. Auberge De Cendrillon is one of my favourite restaurants to eat in. You can meet up to three Princesses which includes Cinderella herself and a Prince. Cinderella’s mice friends Suzy and Perla are also there to meet you. It is filled with paintings which, have each iconic scene of the animated feature and outside, is a life size golden carriage awaiting to take you to the ball, for you shall go! There is also a nice little statue of Cinderella just by the entrance.

Auberge De Cendrillon

Auberge De Cendrillon

Auberge De Cendrillon

You can also meet Cinderella’s Ugly Step Sisters, Anastasia and Drizella. Just don’t get them to sing for you. Lady Tremaine is also out around Halloween time and is quite intimidating to meet!

Fairy Godmother

I love that the dress transformation scene from the 1950 film, is one of Walt’s favourite pieces of animation. Cinderella is truly special to me. She has always taught me to have courage and be kind and to always keep dreaming.

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