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Descendants 3 Disney Channel Trailer & Teaser Released

The Descendants is one of the most popular Disney Channel Original Movies since the likes of High School Musical. With two movies already, a third and final one has been announced which is set to be released in July this year. We recently got shown visuals of the cast on Valentine’s Day as the social media accounts dropped photos of Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson) and the rest of the Descendants. There was also a teaser trailer released showing a new Villain Hades who was a huge rumour to be in the latest instalment.

Descendants 3 Disney Channel Preview at Disneyland Paris’s Halloween Soirée

During the Halloween Soirée at Disneyland Paris last year, we had our first representation of The Descendants at any Disney Park. Of course, I had to check it out as I went dressed up as Mal and, I am glad I did. During this special one-off singalong show, they showed us the first-ever preview of the upcoming movie, featuring a special message from Dove Cameron herself.

Descendants 3 Dove Cameron

Descendants 3 Soirée Preview

Descendants Disneyland Paris

In this preview, it is clear that Hades will be making an appearance in the final movie. Theories have been going around saying that Hades will be Mal’s Dad and this is an interesting take as we have only seen the Villains Mums so far with Kristin Chenoweth playing the iconic Malificent. Lots of characters are to return with Uma and Harry Hook plus some new faces too.

On Friday the 15th of February, Disney Channel dropped the first teaser trailer on Twitter just a day after the cast visuals. It looks fantastic and it looks like Dr.Facilier will be making an appearance as well. Prince Ben will also return in the final movie with a big shock which is shown in the first trailer that was released.

A month later and we are given a closer look at the movie. It’s taken an even darker spin on the story so far and I cannot wait for this to be released in July.

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