Disney100 Exhibition in London ExCel Review

This week the highly anticipated Disney 100 exhibition opened at the infamous ExCel exhibit hall in London. On until January, this special exhibit is celebrating the magical milestone of 100 years of The Walt Disney Company. Featuring items from beloved films, starting from Snow White, Mary Poppins and the likes of Hocus Pocus to current modern takes, such as the live action Cinderella and Beauty and The Beast. Even some Disney Parks items are on display.

Disney100 Exhibition

With the VIP ticket, you get a nice commemorative pin, lanyard and a free soft drink. As you enter, you are greeted with a countdown for your slot which, then takes you to a room filled with projections all around.

One special feature of this exhibit is, you are greeted by Walt himself as a projection / holographic version welcoming you. It is quite emotional to see and starts the experience off in a unique way.

Disney100 Exhibition Walt Disney


Being a massive fan of Cinderella, classic and live action, I was blown away at what they had on display. The Swarovski crystal shoe with the delicate butterfly and iridescent detailing. It is simple stunning and breathtaking seeing it in person, especially with all the lights hitting it in the display cabinet.

They also have on display the story book you see in the beginning of the film. This was a staple in the classics such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. They were also on display at the show too.

Disney100 Exhibition Cinderella Shoe

This fun Fairy Godmother backdrop makes a perfect photo opportunity, which, there are plenty of around the exhibit that you can enjoy. This one was quite enchanting.

Disney100 Exhibition Cinderella

Disney Channel

Disney Channel has evolved so much over the years. Starting with Mouseketeers, House of Mouse, there have been lots of Disney Channel Original Movies, (known as DCOMS). I was very excited to see a little homage to old and current hits featuring the likes of High School Musical and Zombies.

They have a tv showing lots of clips. It is worth sticking around for a few minutes to catch every detail from Phineas and Ferb to Lizzie McGuire. It was great getting to see some of the props from the High School Musical films, after visiting East High last year. There are also some other niche things, but I shall keep that as a surprise.

Disney100 Exhibition High School Musical Zombies

Live Action and Musicals

There are a lot of props from live action films. One favourite being Enchanted with Giselle’s beautiful dress set in New York City. Stunning Cogsworth and Lumiere from the 2017 remake of Beauty and The Beast, which are amazing to see all the details up close.

Also, the latest Little Mermaid adaption which, was a nice surprise to see next to the original Jodie Benson. Even the more recent Cruella has her own display.

Disney100 Exhibition Enchanted

Being a huge fan of Broadway and West End musicals, it was so exciting to see the likes of Frozen, The Lion King, Mary Poppins and of course NEWSIES being featured as Playbill posters. It was nice seeing that part of history from Disney Legend Kenny Ortega.

Disney100 Exhibition NEWISES

Disney100 Exhibition

Disney100 Exhibition

Disney Parks

There is a whole section of Disney Parks memorabilia, ride vehicles even detailed sketches of maps of the parks. The map of Disneyland has such intricate detailing, you really need to take a moment to appreciate it.

Disney100 Exhibition

It was awe-inspiring seeing the ride vehicles up close. From Mr.Toad and Peter Pan’s Flight, having all these items currently in London is fantastic for any Disney fan. All the thoughts Disney Imagineers have come to life.

Disney100 Exhibition

Props from Disney Parks shows were on display too, such as the infamous Frozen from DCA’s Hyperion Theatre. I sadly didn’t get to see this production, but I heard good things so it was fantastic finally getting to see some of the magic from it in person.

Disney100 Exhibition

Disneyland Paris got a special moment too. Featuring an intricate painting of Frontierland with Thunder Mesa and Phantom Manor in the background. As a frequent visitor, it was nice to see. The 30th Anniversary also got an honourable mention in the Disney Music section.

Disney100 Exhibition

With a Disney Parks section, you could not forget to showcase the most iconic part of the park (besides the parks Castle, of course), Main Street U.S.A. Inspired by Marceline, Missouri, Main Street is the first place you step in once you enter a Disney Park. Even Minnie’s outfit was on display in the shop windows, this included a nice way to end the exhibition.

Disney100 Exhibition

Without saying too much about this wondrous exhibit, I think it is a monumental way to celebrate 100 years of Wonder for the Disney Company in local cities. It feels like stepping into Walt’s story and seeing his journey from page to screens (and parks!)

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