Half Moon Bay Mary Poppins Collection Disney

A New Mary Poppins Disney Collection from Half Moon Bay


The big hit this Christmas is Disney’s latest release of Mary Poppins Returns. A sequel of a classic hit featuring stars such as Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. To celebrate, Half Moon Bay have bought out a new Mary Poppins collection. They have included a variety of items, from homeware to stationary. You’ll be swept away with these enchanting items!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Notebook

Mary Poppins Notebook Disney

This beautiful notebook is great for keeping organised this Christmas. The London skyline on the front with Mary Poppins is very eye-catching with the famous quote, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! The inside is also very intricate featuring the famous kite with another quote Dreaming is believing!

Mary Poppins Notebook Half Moon Bay Disney

Umbrella Trinket Dish

Trinket Dish Mary Poppins Disney

This trinket dish is great for storing all your Disney related jewellery on! Shaped like Mary’s very own umbrella, this whimsical hand sculpted accessory is great for any Mary Poppins fan!

Mary Poppins Practically Perfect Latte Mug

Mary Poppins Coffee Mug Disney

This beautiful mug is the perfect size for having warm drinks this Winter. The measurements on the back are a striking design and captures the theme of the movie perfectly.

Mary Poppins Measuring Mug

Mary Poppin Cosmetic Bag

Mary Poppins Makeup Bag Disney

I will be using this bag when I visit Disneyland Paris. It is a great size to fit in a park bag for touch-ups after going on all the rides! The colour is fantastic and the design matches the other items in the collection. The bow is super cute too. The inside of the bag matches the clothes of Bert which, is a lovely touch. Not forgetting the quote from the movie practically perfect in every way! 

This is a brilliant range bought out by Half Moon Bay for the new movie release this Friday. The products in this collection are very substantial and high quality. Thank you for sending me these products to review! Check out the collection here

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