Annual Pass Post Renewal

Renewing A Disneyland Paris Annual Pass By Post

Annual Passes are a great perk to have when visiting Disneyland Paris regularly. They last for a whole year or 16 months if you renew which, I recently did. I thought I would share my experience of renewing when not in the park and paying monthly.

Annual Pass Post Renewal

Making Your Decision

Making a decision when renewing is tough. It took me a long time to figure out if I wanted to do Infinity again or go with a cheaper alternative like Magic Plus. Once I did all the workings out, I knew Infinity was worth it for me for the amount of times I visit a year. Also, now there seems to be lots of exciting events for Infinity pass holders which, I know I would want to attend and not miss out. So, with that in mind, I went for Infinity over Magic Plus. Other passes will be getting exclusive events too but, I wanted to be covered. I also like the higher Hotel discount and in Restaurants and Shops as I feel you get a lot of use out of those once you add up all the Disney maths.


You can do this in the Park in the Passport Office in Discoveryland or, at Donald’s Desk which is just by the Disneyland Hotel. I tried to do my renewal in the park during FanDaze however, they wanted an IBAN number as it was pay monthly and not upfront. I did not have this piece of information on me at the time. In the Passport Office, they had no WiFi (they should add that).

What you’ll need

  • IBAN – International Bank Account Number used to send money to Europe.
  • BIC – is a unique SWIFT address assigned to a Bank to process automated payments.
  • Photo ID
  • Driver’s Licence / Passport ID
  • Bank Account Details

Filling Out The Form

You can start the process of renewing by post by downloading the form. Once printed, read through everything carefully as it is quite an intense process. It’ll ask you which pass you’re renewing so I ticked Infinity as that’s what I had previously. Keep in mind that you’ll need the expiry of your old Annual Pass handy too. You have the option of choosing multiple Annual Passes if your household has more than one.

Annual Pass Renewal

I found this part of the form VERY important. I did not realise at first I had to photocopy a form of ID. I used my driver’s license and made sure I sent them the information on the back as well as the front.

Annual Pass Renewal

I went to my local Post Office and used the Photo machine there. This is perfect for what they need in the Passport Office to scan your photo for your pass. I also took Minnie Ears with me! They sent back my strip of photos too.

Where Do I Send It To?

Disneyland Paris, Annual Pass by correspondence,

77 777 Marne-la-Vallée, Cedex 4, France.

I highly recommend paying for tracking. It gives you a piece of mind to know when it reaches France if you’re sending it before a trip. It doesn’t take long at all, around a week at least. It says to leave 10 days to be safe.

What Happens Next?

The next bit is the fun part. Receiving your shiny brand new Annual Pass in the mail and another year and four months of making magic. Yes, you get an extra four months if you renew! You also get a little leaflet and you will need to take this information to the Passport Ofice where they will issue your PhotoPass.

You will get an email saying they need proof of your IBAN number. For this, I just took a screenshot of a most recent Bank Statement that had the information at the top and, attached it to my email. Once they receive this, your pass is validated and you’re ready to enter the magic!

The last bit is a bit confusing, however. I received a letter in the post called Mandat De Prelevement Sepa. It was all in French and I am yet to find out if I need to send it off as it has all been validated. Once I know, I will keep this post updated with information on the last process. I’m hoping that as I’ve received an email saying my information is valid that this is the final step.

I am so pleased I decided to renew again. I cannot wait to see what Disneyland Paris has to offer with all their exciting events. Are you attending any? What are you most excited for?

Here’s to another year of magic!

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  • Hollie

    This is so helpful! I don’t suppose you have the renewal form in a PDF version do you? I can’t seem to access it through the link!

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