Mickey's 90th celebrations

Mickey’s 90th Celebrations in Disneyland Paris

Mickey's 90th celebrations

This year everybody’s favourite Mouse is turning 90. The big Birthday kicks off from the 1st of October and Disneyland Paris are going all out. Created by Walt Disney himself, Mickey Mouse was first introduced in 1928 debuting in Steamboat Willie. Mickey was created to replace Oswald the Lucky Rabbit because Universal Studios owned most of the characters rights.

Mortimer Mouse was going to be Mickey’s original name but, Walt Disney’s wife Lillian gave him the idea of Mickey Mouse instead, and that is who we’ve loved for all these years. Oswald is still a fan favourite, however, having debuted at Disney FanDaze earlier this year with his girl Ortensia, maybe one day he will have a celebration too.

Having attended Disneyland Paris on the 18th November last year, there wasn’t much entertainment on offer for Mickey’s 89th. There was a special Birthday Cake in the shape of Mickey on sale in the Bake Shop and we received a Sticker to commemorate. This year, however, Disneyland Paris is having a three month celebration for Mickey Mouse including special activities and surprises on the 18th of November. 

Mickey’s 90th Celebrations in Disneyland Paris


With the 25th Anniversary over and done with, Halloween and Christmas will be more incredible than ever. This year Disneyland Paris kick off the season on the 1st of October and we will see the return of our favourite Cavalcade. There will be a few changes to it, including a brand new float and a new song. Its name being Mickey’s Illusion Manor which is based on the Phantom Manor attraction (currently in refurbishment until early 2019). There are a few exciting effects being added too, this is definitely not one to miss. This will be truly spectacular and a big change for our favourite harvest parade.


The big hit from last year is returning for Christmas once again; Mickey’s Big Band, which will feature in the 90th celebrations too and it runs until January 6th. It is fantastic with lots of Christmas favourites and I’m glad to see that it’s returning once again, especially for Mickey’s Birthday. There will also be a very special surprise for Mickey on the stage and this year it is going to be performing in the Production Courtyard in the Studios rather than Videopolis. 

Around The Parks

Around Disneyland Park, there will be Cupcakes themed to each of the lands telling the story of Mickey Mouse in a unique way. There will be an exclusive range of merchandise too; including a key much like the Tower of Terror one only available on the 18th November, a special pair of Disney Ears, oh and not forgetting a bow tie. There will also be an Annual Pass Night which for the first time is in the main Park rather than the Walt Disney Studios.

Mickey's 90th


As well as Disney Parks celebrating Mickey’s 90th, there are some brands joining in on the party too. There have been exclusive ranges bought out by the likes of Primark (which also includes a homeware range called House of Mouse), Spectrum Collections, Forever 21, Boohoo, and many more are doing a collection to celebrate Mickey’s 90th. Also participating in the event is an exhibition in New York which will be happening in November.

Meet Mickey

Will you be celebrating Mickey’s Birthday this year?

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