Disney Loves Jazz Disneyland Paris Tiana and Naveen

Disney Loves Jazz – a Jazzy Evening in Disneyland Paris Review

Earlier in the year, it was announced that Disneyland Paris was going to host an event based on the Disney Loves Jazz album featuring artists such as China Moses and Selah Sue performing their Disney covers. Thinking this event would sell quite quickly, it wasn’t a sold-out show.

Disney Loves Jazz Characters

This event was such a mixed bag and I feel Disneyland Paris still need to nurture their premium ticket experiences. Overall I had a great time but like FanDaze and previous Annual Pass events, there is still nitpicking to be done to make these run smoothly.

Disney Loves Jazz Disneyland Paris

It was time to queue outside the Studios entrance and everyone was given different wristbands for Shareholders, Premium and regular tickets. We got let in at 8 pm and first up on the agenda was Oswald and Ortensia as I haven’t met them yet. They were the priority for me.

I had the premium ticket which included the concert as well. I had to pick and choose which meets I could fit in. The character experience was a mess from the beginning. The characters didn’t even know where they were supposed to be meeting themselves.

It turned more into a scrum meet before proper lines were made as people went from wanting to meet Oswald and Ortensia to Roger Rabbit next door. I do wish the line’s system was set up more like the FanDaze sets.

By the time we met Oswald and Ortensia, we were told we wouldn’t have enough time to meet Roger before the concert as the line was already being closed off. The event was not busy at all and felt quite dead at times. I was quite sad I didn’t get to meet Mickey and Minnie in their Jazz outfits and the new debut character seemed popular.

There was also no PhotoPass Photographers on the night and, when you’re paying £60 for a Premium ticket and £40 for a standard, you’d expect this kind of service to be available for guests. The lighting during the sets wasn’t very good either which, meant the quality of photos didn’t turn out so great. But the sets themselves, however, were beautifully detailed. I especially loved Tiana and Naveen’s backdrop.

Rendezvous Gourmand Food Festival

It was time to check out the Rendezvous Gourmand Food Festival in the dark. This was a great bonus to experience more of the festival as the night went on after trying it out when we arrived during the day.

The only downfall is that the lines were even longer during the event. But it was a nice change from not having much food options open at Marvel rather than just Studio 1. The Churros went down a treat as it was a rather chilly evening. This also made a great alternative if you didn’t want to meet characters.

Disney Loves Jazz Disneyland Paris

Disney Loves Jazz Concert

After our food and wine purchases, it was time to head over to Moteurs Action which, was where the Concert was being held. It started at half 9 and finished around 23:30 pm.

Disney Loves Jazz Disneyland Paris

It started off fantastically with my favorite version of Hakuna Matata and Try Everything. A highlight for me was China Moses. She came down near the crowd and got us all involved. A few more hits like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Jungle Book, it was then time for some slow songs which, wasn’t really my cup of tea.

We had a few Cinderella songs which I love but, I was hoping for some of the Tarzan covers or maybe even Down in New Orleans and others from Princess and The Frog would have been a nice touch rather than the obscure Jessica Rabbit numbers.

We decided to leave just before 11 as others were leaving during performances and came out to a more lively band playing outside the entrance. The character meets weren’t closing just yet so we got lucky with Tiana and Naveen then the switch over to Louis and Dr.Facilier which was a nice bonus as I wasn’t expecting these meets.

Disney Loves Jazz Disneyland Paris Tiana and Naveen

Disney Loves Jazz Disneyland Paris


It was quite disappointing about the Pins too and very little merchandise for the event. They were being sold right round by Place de Rémy. That area of the park was heaving as there were other characters meeting and queues for the food stalls too. It felt like most people spent the night queueing for the pins.

I would of likes one as a souvenir or even a little token something similar to what they give during the Annual Pass nights or FanDaze would have been a nice touch. Hopefully, when Jazz returns it’ll be a bit warmer too.

Summary of Disney Loves Jazz

Overall, I had a great evening. I do feel this was more of an annual pass party vibe rather than a Premium event. There definitely should have been PhotoPass Photographers available during the night.

However, this event was a big improvement with sticking to theming and having more on offer. I’m hoping they improve even better for the next ones.

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